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12-©Groovey~Delicate metroShnoobblles® (unfrosted) .50 cent each


Same ©Groovey~Delicate, in fun poppable bites you can eat on-the-go. ©metroShnoobblles™
Gluten free brownie bites, and a single marinated chocolate-chip cookie orb, hand prepped graham crust filled and sandwiched between a touch of munch~mallow yallow, not too sweet to any taste discretion, and so soft, just savoring them between your tounge and the roof of your mouth accents the head change even in virgin ©Groovey~Delicate metroShnoobblles™.
Great for diabetics, baby-bomers and beyond, made virgin for children or medicated cleanfood for fuuunctioning adults!

© 2015 Shnoobblles® . All Rights Reserved.

How's the clam chowder?

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