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Cherry-Pineapple ©Slapstix Shnoobblles® Gummies Galore


This ©Califloridian taste has been developed behind the redwood curtain during a season of full-on tropical bloom & exotic flavor exploration. They're delicious gummy worms and bears full of fruit juice when candy makes you dandy, and liquor is quiker. Sweet cherry Kool-Aid, and tangy pineapple brought together again from Shnoobblles®, and inspired by New Year 2011's ©Jedi-Fudge, made gummy for your pleasure 2012 survivors... These two-toned fun fruit gummie that Slaps-n-Stix to many surfaces, may surprise you; vita-enriched, electrolyte enhanced or low carb.

how's the clam chowder?

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